CARPHA Foundation
What kind of organization is the CARPHA Foundation?
The CARPHA Foundation is a legally registered non-profit company (Chapter 81.01) dedicated to supporting and facilitating the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) to implement its works, initiatives and operations through the building of strategic alliances with regional and international partners., the Foundation can mobilize financial and non-financial resources to help CARPHA fulfil its public health mission of preventing disease,promoting and protecting health, and conducting educational, public health and social welfare activities within Caricom member states.
The CARPHA Foundation Mission
“To mobilise financial and non-financial resources to support CARPHA in its public health mission of preventing disease, promoting and protecting health, and conducting educational, public health and social welfare activities.”
Why you should donate?
“When the rain fall, it doh fall on one man house”
  • Poor health affects all of us.

  • The Caribbean region is a chain of several islands, none of which, regardless of their individual charms, can stand alone against the harmful effects of diseases.

  • Non-Communicable Diseases do not discriminate and affect everybody, every strata of society - in rich and poor families, to the young and old, fat and thin.

  • NCDs cost the entire Caribbean more than 1 billion dollars a year and an ageing population that is unhealthy will continue to drain our resources and hinder our region’s sustainable development

  • We need to create awareness of the cause and effects of these negative impacts on our region so that we can all benefit from longer life and healthier living with fewer diseases

Make a donation – Different ways to show CARE
“Cut your clothes to suit your cloth”
According to your budget, time and talents, everyone can help in the way that best suits them
  • Currency – your monetary gift can help implement awareness campaigns about public health issues and fund research to improve prevention and treatment of diseases that affect us all
  • Assistance – you can donate time - come out and help at our fundraisers as we try to meet the ever increasing costs of keeping our region on the path to sustainable development
  • Resources - Big and small companies can give products, offer services, permit use of premises for our fundraising efforts
  • Expertise – lend us your skills – communication
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