The Caribbean Public Health Agency and the Faculty of Medical Sciences, The University of the West Indies, St Augustine acknowledge with appreciation the contribution of several persons to the successful completion of this manual::

  • Professor Samuel Ramsewak, Dr Adesh Sirjusingh and Dr Vikash Chatrani who were responsible for the initial drafting and subsequent editing of the various versions of the manual.

  • Dr. Donald Simeon for coordinating the process that resulted in the development of the guidelines as well as providing technical inputs.

  • The other Caribbean health professionals who provided critical technical inputs and invaluable comments including:
    • Professor Affette McCaw-Binns
    • Professor Alan Jackson
    • Professor Horace Fletcher
    • Dr. Karen Lewis-Bell
    • Dr. Elizabeth Ferdinand
    • Dr. Helen Trotman-Edwards
    • Dr. Betzabe Butrón
    • Dr. Noreen Jack
    • Professor Celia Christie-Samuels
    • Professor Minerva Thame
    • Staff of the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (now CARPHA)
    • Trinidad and Tobago Association of Midwives
    • Chief Medical Officers of the English-speaking Caribbean and Suriname

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