GWP-C Rainwater Harvesting Demonstration Model


A Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) model was created to provide a real example of how an actual rainwater harvesting system would operate. It was designed to allow water to be introduced to the system, therefore presenting a live demonstration on how the system works. See video here. The model has an accompanying assembly manual which contains information needed to assemble the Rainwater Harvesting demo model correctly. In order to obtain the full effectiveness of the characteristics of the system, the directions found in this manual should be observed.

A first-flush diverter is a simple installation that is part of the downpipe, designed to remove the initial wash or “first-flush” that is sometimes laden with dirt, soot, animal droppings (when it first starts raining after a dry period) off the roof so that this contaminated water does not enter the tank.

Using appropriate first flush diverter components is critical in order to achieve good quality water and reduce tank maintenance.

The GWP-C model has been displayed at various fora in the Caribbean.