22 December 2021


1. Provides expert advice and direction to strengthen the existing CARPHA integrated regional disease database to ensure
sustainability and best standards in terms of data storage, validation and report production.
2. Provides expert statistical advice, leads and directs complex statistical analyses, contributing to evidence generation,
proposals, surveillance reports, presentations and publications
3. Leads on collation, analysis, interpretation and reporting on morbidity and mortality trends to CMS, key stakeholders, and
4. Supports Divisional colleagues in analyzing and reporting epidemiological data and collaborates with colleagues to develop
a core portfolio of information reports to meet the strategic needs of CARPHA, CMCs and key stakeholders.
5. Provides strategic and specialist support to drive the development of processes to evaluate and enhance existing national
health information systems.
6. Provides technical support to strengthen national and regional surveillance systems, provide high quality analyses for
monitoring and evaluating interventions and improve data quality.
7. Provides specialist support to coordinate the development of national and regional guidelines and strategies to support the
implementation and use of surveillance and monitoring and evaluation tools.
8. Establishes collaboration between CARPHA and regional and international public health institutions to coordinate the
collection, sharing and use of Caribbean public health surveillance data.
9. Participate in the epidemiological components of epidemic alert, risk assessment, monitoring and response activities for
unusual public health events
10. Provides specialist technical expertise in other relevant areas of public health programme activities, and in planning,
implementing, and monitoring and evaluating project activities
11. Provides technical support for CARPHA for regional and international resource mobilization.
12. Performs other duties as needed.


Kindly refer to the attached Terms of Reference for additional details on the required qualifications, experience and competencies


CARPHA reserves all rights in accordance with its’ policies related to conditions of employment.


Applications, including Job Applicant’s Profile Summary Form, Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae and copies of relevant documents must be submitted by January 21, 2022, to:  


The Human Resource Manager 

Human Resource Department 

Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) 

Federation Park, Newtown 190324


E-mail: hrm@carpha.org 



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