Dengue Virus
05 November 2020

Assistant Director — Surveillance. Disease Prevention and Control: Closing Date: November 28, 2020

The incumbent will provide leadership to the Departmental Management Team (DMT) and serve as its Chair. They will be responsible for the management oversight of the CMML, EHSD, MQCSD  Departments development of Business Planning of all three laboratories, (LSN, EHSD & MQCSD) implementation of  Business Planning of all three laboratories (LSN, EHSD & MQCSD) as part of the Integrated Laboratory Strategy and also for the operational management of the FELTP Programme.  The holder of the position should provide support to the Director, SDPC with the coordination of the overall work of the Department with a focus on Technical Service projects, and divisional work programmes including the PAHO BWP. The incumbent will provide support with resource mobilization efforts to support the continued delivery of the Agency’s mandate.

Summary of Responsibilities

    Provide expert technical support and advice to CARPHA, CMCs and relevant institutions for the development of appropriate policies, strategies, and guidelines in all aspects of programme planning, organization, implementation, scale-up, and evaluation of activities within specific technical area of expertise.

    Support the development and implementation of CARPHA’s integrated surveillance strategy with a view to promoting integrated, multi-sectoral approaches focusing on the implementation of initiatives that are a priority for CARPHA and CMCs.

    Assist with the oversight of the planning processes of all departments within the SDPC division.

    Provide management oversight of the CMML, EHSD, MQCSD and FELTP Departments and inclusive of the supervision of senior staff and regular technical reports.

    Provide leadership and oversight to the CARPHA Departmental Management Team (DMT) and serve as chair.

    Oversee the development, promotion and implementation of Business Planning of all three laboratories (LSN, EHSD & MQCSD) and provide programmatic support to the laboratories in Port of Spain, Castries and Jamaica.

    Develop, maintain and leverage partnerships and networks to support the implementation of programmes.

    Maintain open and constant communication between the OECS commission and CARPHA while ensuring progress reports are delivered to OECS Ministers and senior officials of the OECS.


Kindly refer to the attached Terms of Reference for additional details on the required qualifications, experience and competencies,

Applications, including Job Applicant's Profile Summary Form, Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae and copies of relevant documents must be submitted by November 28, 2020 to:

The Manager

Human Resource Department

Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)

P.O. Box 164


E-mail: hrm@carpha.orq



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