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16 November 2020

FINANCE ASSISTANT- Closing Date: December 12, 2020

This position is responsible for carrying out financial and accounting activities in accordance with the Agency's financial rules and regulations. Work involves specialized financial and accounting tasks, including monitoring budget allotments, assigning accounting codes, recording and reconciling financial transactions and preparation of reports. Incumbent must be able to effectively apply the Agency's financial rules and regulations to day-to-day operations and maintain appropriate accounting controls and practices.

Summary of Responsibilities

Processes payments for travel advances, travel claims, contracts, invoices, payroll etc.

Ensures that all payments have been duly authorized and are accompanied by the required supporting documentation. Keeps an up-to-date record of open travel advances and submits a monthly status report.

Maintains the schedule of member state quota contributions and follows up with Member States for payment of quotas.

Prepares invoices for services and other charges by CARPHA as well as invoices for travel reimbursements.

Undertakes analysis of cash flows in order to determine local currency needs.

Serves as custodian of Petty Cash and replenishes this account as required.

Processes all deposits for the Agency.

Acts as the liaison between the Agency and its bankers, and initiates the process to create new bank accounts and add/amend signatories to accounts. Records periodic monthly adjustments generated by reconciliation of the local currency account as well as other General Journal entries as may be required.

Ensures that cheques and other payment documents are registered under the standards described in in accordance with the Agency's Financial Regulations.

Ensures a proper system of filing to adequately retrieve information relating to payments and other financial documents

        Performs other related duties that may be assigned.


Kindly refer to the attached Terms of Reference for additional details on the required qualifications, experience and competencies.

Applications, including Job Applicant's Profile Summary Form, Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae and copies of relevant documents must be submitted by December 12, 2020 to:

The Manager

Human Resource Department

Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)

P.O. Box 164


E-mail: hrm@carpha.org



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