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24 December 2020

CARPHA/CRS Technical Officer (Part-time) - Closing Date: 21st January 2021

Technical Officer Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Regulatory
    • As assigned, review product dossiers, as per verification and/or assessment procedures.
    • Develop CRS assessment reports for eligible dossiers, and prepare comments for discussion as needed, in the context of CRS policies and relevant international guidance
    • Conduct technical functions for regional pharmacovigilance and post-market surveillance, including data entry, case assessment, data analysis and communication of findings
    • Support document organization and workload management, through updating of trackers, and filing of submissions and reports in the electronic system.
  • Communications
    • As needed, assist with operational communications with focal points of Member States and industry on regulatory matters (medicines registration, safety, quality).
    • Assist to develop additional communications for CARPHA, CRS advisory team, PAHO advisors, regulatory focal points and industry representatives, where needed.
  • Policy
    • Review documents including international guidance to support development of policies and procedures
    • Attend technical and/or policy meetings, as needed.
      • Topics include, but are not limited to, any of the following: CARPHA/CRS medicine recommendations, safety monitoring, new processes, new policies, etc.


  • Deliverables and oversight
    • The associate will report to the Technical Coordinator of the CARPHA/CRS
    • The associate will be paid for an equivalent of 20 hours of work per week.
    • Work may be done virtually based on an agreed schedule, and approved by the Technical Coordinator
    • The associate will be responsible for arranging time for the completion of assigned deliverables within the weekly timeframe
    • The technical officer will submit periodic reports to account for work done, such as weekly reports on deliverables, monthly summaries of work done, and time-sheets to the Technical Coordinator.


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