21 December 2021


1. Leads the LMT to plan, direct and coordinate the technical activities of the CARPHA Laboratory Services and Networks in support of the Agency’s priority programmes.
2. Provides microbiological, advisory, and advocacy services for disease surveillance, response, prevention and control.
3. Organizes and implements training in diagnostic and public health microbiology and its application to the epidemiology of disease surveillance, response, prevention and control throughout the Caribbean.
4. Conducts collaborative research and provides technical advice and assistance to Member States for the assessment and solution of priority disease problems.
5. Develops and builds laboratory capabilities for disease detection, antimicrobial resistance and typing in CARPHA and its Member States.
6. Formulates, elaborates and promotes plan of action for the development of new techniques including the implementation of rapid tests and molecular biology tools for early diagnosis, upgraded strain characterization and outbreak investigation.
7. Provides technical support for technology transfer within the Caribbean Public Health Laboratory Network.
8. Disseminates technical information on disease trends in the region, sub-region and countries and on new advances in microbiology.
9. Provides technical advice and assistance to Member States for the assessment and solution of disease problems.
10. Provides technical oversight for the efficient management of Microbiology laboratory services to support the surveillance work of CARPHA, Member States and a quality technical and scientific service in the Caribbean laboratory network.


Kindly refer to the attached Terms of Reference for additional details on the required qualifications, experience and competencies


CARPHA reserves all rights in accordance with its’ policies related to conditions of employment.


Applications, including Job Applicant’s Profile Summary Form, Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae and copies of relevant documents must be submitted by January 21, 2022, to:  


The Human Resource Manager 

Human Resource Department 

Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) 

Federation Park, Newtown 190324


E-mail: hrm@carpha.org 







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