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03 December 2020

Project Manager - General Call Closing Date:30 December 2020

Under the Treaty of Basseterre (RTB, 1981) and now The Revised RTB (2010), Member States agree to cooperate with each other and promote unity and solidarity, including participation by Protocol Members in an Economic Union.



Under the leadership of the Head, Portfolio Management Office, and with supervision from the Programme Lead(s), the Project Manager, will apply their technical expertise to plan, implement, control and complete projects, identify project risks, while remaining aligned with project objectives. The Project Manager plays a critical role in driving international development projects, to drive out complexity and ensure that projects are delivered to the highest standards. 


  1. Leads project within the knowledge areas and across the project life cycle
  2. Provides a holistic view of the overall project to the organisation and major stakeholders, works closely with Project Director and Portfolio Management Office [PMO], Project Steering Committee [PSC] and Member States
  3. Serves as primary contact for the project and manages project communication including actively reporting on project progress and health to Project Director, PMO and PSC and externally to funding agencies
  4. Leads third party relationships involved in the delivery of goods, works and services to the project and oversees contract administration
  5. Manages and controls project costs ensuring effective financial oversight
  6. Manages project risk including proactively identifying, analyzing, evaluating, mitigating and monitoring along with providing solutions to complex issues
  7. Provides quality assurance of deliverables including project products
  8. Ensures project is completed within established timelines and manages project schedule
  9. Plans, organizes, manages and leads the project team
  10. Purposefully manages day-to-day operations of the project
  11. Manages project documentation and tools including Lessons Learned, Risk Register, Activity Listing, Stakeholder Register, Issues Log, etc.
  12. Makes recommendations and takes appropriate decisions to increase project success
  13. Actively contributes to the organisation’s Annual Work Plan and Budget [AWPB]
  14. Represents project(s) and OECSC at national, regional and international meetings/fora
  15. Manages and resolves project team conflict and difficult situations



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