Dengue Virus
24 December 2020

Epidemiologist, Epidemiological Surveillance

To this end, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is building a data science team capable of processing large volumes of routine and new or Big data in ways that meet the needs of various stakeholders.  This includes building the capacity to develop and maintain resilient systems for timely data capture, processing and information synthesis and dissemination.  The data science team will consist of existing staff with the addition of data scientists and other staff who will enhance the analytical capabilities at the national level and improve the capacity for data analysis and use at the subnational levels.

An Epidemiologist will be recruited to form a bridge between the data analytical and the interpretation for public health purposes of noted phenomena.


  • Interpret the results of data analysis
  • Support planning for mitigation of potential public health threats
  • Support programme interpretation and intervention planning in keeping with the information generated from public health data

Scope of Work

  • Very close liaison with data scientists and GIS Analysts for the targeted generation of HIV surveillance information
    • Deployment of electronic data collection and transmission systems in the field
    • Training of field and head office staff in HIV surveillance data use
  • Preparation of epidemiological surveillance reports and reporting requirements and templates
  • Support surveillance teams at the subnational level in generating and using information
    • Monitoring use of data at all levels
    • Monitoring use and utility of dashboards
  • Design and execution of HIV related and other scientific studies to elicit additional information
  • Use of statistical packages for additional interrogation of existing HIV surveillance data
  • Any other related duties that may be assigned by the Medical Epidemiologist
  • Support CDC-MOHW Cooperative Agreement and data science team in building capacity for analysis of HIV/AIDS related data at the national level




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