Post Market Surveillance Programme

The quality of any medicine is determined by its effectiveness, safety and ultimately the health outcome of a patient. If that quality is questionable, then any efforts and investment into public health systems and medicines regulatory systems will be compromised.

The Medicines Quality Control and Surveillance Department functions as a critical part of robust mechanisms for regulating medicines in CARICOM, including post-market surveillance, in close cooperation with the Member States, Caribbean Regulatory System and other partners such as PAHO/WHO. The laboratory delivers timely, accurate, relevant and authoritative reports on the quality of medicines circulating in CARICOM.

Strategic Components

The post market surveillance programme focuses on two strategic components:


VigiCarib is a regional system for CRS to report medicines related adverse events (adverse drug/medicine reactions (ADRs/ADMs)) and substandard and falsified products (SF) to bolster states’ ability to conduct the critical regulatory function of monitoring medicines in the market.