CARPHA-CRS reviews medical products to make recommendations to CARICOM for market authorization and/or import. The CRS recommended its first product in April 2017. Since then, over 250 pharmaceuticals have been recommended for marketing authorization / import approval in CARICOM, including COVID-19 vaccines and medicines. You may search the CRS online database here: CRSRegistry.


Eligibility Criteria For Recommended Products

Essential Medicines

Medicines, vaccines and other medical products must be deemed essential as per inclusion in the most recent versions of the WHO Essential Medicines List or PAHO Strategic Fund. Medicines that are not listed as ‘essential’ may be considered based on public health need or value to CARICOM. Applicants are advised to contact the CRS to enquire about the eligibility of unlisted medicines.

WHO Pre-Qualified Medicines, Vaccines and Biotherapeutic Products

The CRS accepts applications for review of finished products prequalified by the World Health Organization (WHO). Applicants are advised to utilize the WHO Collaborative Procedure for the submission of key documents, and expedited review.

Pharmaceutical Products Recommended By A Reference Authority

Small molecule medicines, biotherapeutic medicines and vaccines that have been assessed by a recognized regulatory authority or agency of reference.

Emergency Use Listing

Medicines or vaccines that have been:

(i) included in the WHO Emergency Use Listing for COVID19, or

(ii) granted emergency use authorization for treatment or prevention of COVID-19 by a recognized regulatory authority or agency of reference.


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The CRS and its Member States encourages all interested parties to submit the following products for review

  • COVID-19 Vaccines
  • COVID-19 Diagnostic Kits
  • COVID-19 related therapeutics

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