Childhood Obesity Prevention and Control

The Plan of Action for Promoting Healthy Weights: 2014 – 2019 is one part of CARPHA’s integrated strategy to reduce the burden of NCDs. The Plan focuses on the specific issues, challenges and needs of children and adolescents (Birth – 25 years) as it pertains to over-nutrition. Although it is specifically directed to the prevention and control of overweight and obesity in this age group, the activities and outputs in this Plan will have wider societal impact. These measures in the Plan are designed to achieve the following objectives. To:

1. Make the environments where Caribbean children live and learn more supportive of physical activity and healthy eating.

2. Create incentives to discourage unhealthy consumption patterns and to encourage healthier dietary choices.

3. Empower communities to embrace active living and healthful eating.

4. Provide parents and children with accurate information about food, nutrition and exercise to enable informed decisions

5. Provide children and families who are affected by overweight/obesity with the necessary care and support.

6. Safeguard children who may be affected by overweight/obesity from the associated bias, stigmatization and bullying.

7. Improve the capability of systems within the government, private and Civil Society sectors to mount effective and coordinated responses.

8. Foster multi-sectoral cooperation in responding to the epidemic realizing the pre-dominant, defining and upstream nature of issues related to international trade.

9. Provide core data for tracking the movement and determinants of the epidemic; and

10. Provide information for measuring and assessing results of the Plan of Action.

Plan of Action for Promoting Healthy Weights in the Caribbean: Prevention

and Control of Childhood Obesity

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  • Childhood Obesity Prevention and Control

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