Agence Française De Développement (AFD)

Strengthening Strategic Intelligence and Partnership Approaches To Prevent and Control NCDs and Strengthen Regional Health Security In The Caribbean

Overall Objective/Impact:

To improve the public health programme that influences morbidity and mortality, and improve resilience of populations facing climate changes

Specific Objective(s)/Outcome(s):

  1. Build capacity and strengthen operation of the regional coordinating mechanism for health security coordinated by CARPHA to support and build competencies in CMS to prevent, detect, report and respond to public health events
  2. Improve the availability and use of NCD and related population risk factor data in CMS and at the regional level
  3. Strengthen CARPHA’s partnership network, in particular with the FCOR (French Caribbean Outermost Regions), both in terms of the sharing technical and scientific expertise and building shared public health records and strategies in the field of NCD prevention and control and regional health security, and in linking to other relevant initiatives, such as “One Health”

Expected Results/Outputs:

  • A structured and effective system for collecting and disseminating relevant NCD indicators in all CMS. A data sharing mechanism is structured between the CARPHA and the FCORs
  • CMS have tools and competencies to improve NCD prevention and care programmes through improved availability of strategic information, partnership skills and evidence-informed guidelines
  • Pan-Caribbean regional health security strengthened through a coordinated, multi sector and network approach
  • Partnership and network approaches across CMS and FCORs systematically strengthened including public, private and civil society

CARPHA Programmatic Area(s):

Project Information

Status: Ongoing

Start Date: 13th February 2019

End Date: 31st March 2022

Duration: 3 years

Budget: €1,500,000

Source(s) of Funding:

L’Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

Beneficiary CARPHA Member State(s):

AFD Project Events and Activities

AFD Project Page

Focal Point(s):
Dr. Lisa Indar
Director, SDPC

Project Events and Activities:


CARPHA and the AFD are working together in coordination with the Ministries of Health in CARPHA Member States to improve regional public health systems. The focus of this project is to strengthen Non-Communicable Disease, Communicable Disease and Vector Borne Disease surveillance systems and improve regional capacity and mechanisms to protect Regional Health Security. This project also seeks to foster partnerships between CARPHA, Member States and the public health authorities and institutions of the French Caribbean Outermost Regions to advance health security.

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