Why Choose Medicines Quality Control and Surveillance Department

Product quality and safety is critical to you as a National Medicines Regulatory Authority/Ministry of Health, manufacturer, supplier, exporter or consumer. Confirmation of product quality by competent and accredited laboratories is becoming a legal and regulatory requirement globally. Our Department provides you with the following benefits: 

The Department Also Offers

Non-accredited Chemical / Physicochemical Testing:
  • Loss on drying
  • Water / Moisture Content
  • Thin Layer Chromatography
  • Potentiometric and Volumetric Titration
  • Specific Gravity/Weight per mL

Sample Submission

Samples are submitted to the Department for pre-registration, pre-tender, routine analysis, questionable efficacy or surveillance purposes by Member States through the responsible National Medicines Regulatory bodies and medicines procurement authorities. Further guidance for the submission of samples can be found in the following documents:

  1. Sample Submission Guidelines
  2. Request for Analysis Form
  3. Sample Submission Form

You may also contact the Department directly for further information.


Customer Service and Performance Standards: Turnaround Times

Request for Analysis

A technical review of customer's requests for analysis is performed to determine the Department's capability (facilities, instruments and equipment, reference standards, reagents and personnel expertise) to conduct testing.


Analysis of Samples

Certificates of Analysis will be issued for routine Quality Control Samples within 30 - 45 working days (time taken from receipt of the sample to issuance of a Certificate of Analysis).


Client Feedback and Complaints

Customers can submit general feedback on the quality of testing service provided by MQCSD using the Customer Feedback Form. MQCSD also accepts feedback from clients by means such as email and telephone.

Complaints are assessed by MQCSD to determine how they should be investigated and resolved. The customer is notified verbally and/or in writing on the investigation and resolution of the complaint. Corrective actions are decided on a case by case basis. If the complaint relates to out-of-specification test results, a re-examination of the relevant data and records shall be made. If the Head of MQCSD deems it necessary, re-testing is undertaken. If investigation of the complaint reveals a non-conformance in the Department's quality system, the corrective action process is initiated.