Caribbean Network of Research Ethics Committees

Research Registry

Submitting Summaries of Approved Research

As the principal public health agency for the region, one of CARPHA’s core functions is to assist in conducting relevant research on public health priorities in the Caribbean, and develop mechanisms to support priority research and advise governments and other stakeholders on research for health. CARPHA also has a mandate from regional governments to strengthen national and regional health research systems, develop mechanisms to support priority research, and promote the sharing of the region’s scientific outputs.

With these obligations in mind, CARPHA annually requests pertinent information on all research projects approved by the RECs/IRBs in CARPHA member states, which is stored in the research protocols registry.

The requisite data should be submitted using the CARPHA Research Registry.

CARPHA Evidence Portal

CARPHA has developed a portal that provides access to evidence-based research in the region, to assist policy-makers and pertinent stakeholders in implementing research findings.

EVIDENCE may be accessed by visiting the CARPHA EvIDeNCe Portal.