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CARPHA Booklet of Infographics

Cinema Operation Guidance

Cleaning and Sanitisation

Cleaning Agents | Disinfectants

Construction Sector

Coronavirus Disease

Covid-19 General Information

Covid-19 Protocol During Evacuation

Cruise Ship | Safe Resumption of Sailing

Cruise Ship | Surveillance System

Education | Childcare: Cleaning and Sanitation

Education | Childcare: Early Childhood

Education | Childcare: Primary and Secondary

Education | Childcare: Washing Hands

Face masks | Cloth Masks vs Face Shields

Face masks | General Info

Face masks | Cloth masks

Face masks | Double Mask

Face masks | How to use

Face masks | Knotting and Tucking

Face masks | Q and A's

Faith Based Org / Communities

Food Safety

General Practitioners Brochure

Glove Use

Guidance | Bars and Spirit Licensed Curbside

Guidance | Bars and Spirit Licensed Premises

Guidance | Domestic Workers

Guidance | Food Delivery Services

Guidance | General Practitioners and Private Health Clinics

Guidance | Grocery Stores

Guidance | Reopening of Food Establishments and Bars

Guidance | Restaurants and Other Food Businesses

Guidance | Street Vendors, Food Trucks and Markets

Guidance | Maintaining Healthcare Services

Guidance | Maintaining Healthcare Services|Dental Services

Hand Washing

Hotels and Guest Houses

How does Covid19 Spread?

Hand Sanitiser

In Home|Field Service: Customers

In Home|Field Service: Employers

In Home|Field Service: Workers

In Home|Field Service: Recomm.

Indoor and Outdoor Mass Gatherings and Events

Indoor Recreational Activities

Manufactoring Sector

Prevention of COVID-19

Personal Care Services

Public Health Prevention and Control


Proactive COVID-19 Health Measures for Tourism

Protect persons with NCDs

Protect older adults from COVID-19

Public Transportation

Public Health Considerations

Retail Sector

Requirements for Moving Safely in and around Caricom Space

Risk Communication

Sex Workers

Shelter Guidelines

Social Distancing

Solid Waste Mgmt | Environment

Solid Waste Mgmt | Healthcare

Solid Waste Mgmt | Households

Travel Guidance


World Food Day 2020