Partnerships and Networks

Vector-borne diseases (VBDs) and its vectors have been persistent in the Caribbean region. To better prevent and control VBDs, the CariVecNet was developed through a consortium of institutions in the region with funding from the World Health Organization Tropical Diseases Research (TDR) grant.

CariVecNet was established in order to:

  • Foster collaboration among member countries, international public health agencies, developmental partners, academia, technical and financial partners to strengthen VBD control programmes in the Caribbean
  • Develop data sharing through an electronic website and improve community development in vector control
  • Exchange surveillance information on the circulating of VBDs, share facilities for diagnosis and surveillance and collaborate on vector control research topics
  • Standardise technologies and training with the expected long-term outcome being better prevention and control of VBDs

CariVecNet consists of four working groups, namely, Surveillance, Vector Control, Clinical Management and Laboratory Diagnosis.

A link to the CariVecNet website can be found here.