Partnerships and Policy

Regional policy:

The THP developed a Regional THP Policy Framework to mandate the reporting of tourism/visitor illnesses to national authorities from the hospitality sector for successful implementation and sustainability of the THP. The regional THP Policy Framework aims at ensuring an enabling environment for optimal implementation of the THP and its components. The Regional THP Policy Framework is a critical tool in the drive to secure the Caribbean Region’s health security. Implementation of the Policy provides a basis for creating a sense of urgency among hospitality sector partners and travelers to reduce the risk posed to people in the Caribbean by communicable disease outbreaks and public health emergencies, through early detection and a strengthened rapid response.

  • In 2017, the 33rd CARICOM Council of Health Ministers (COHSOD) mandated CARPHA through the THP to prepare a draft tourism/traveller’s health policy for improving regional health security.
  • During 2018-2019, through a consultative process, the Travellers Health Policy Framework was developed
  • On September 29, 2019, the Regional Travellers Health Policy Framework was approved at the 37th COHSOD


The THP involves the implementation a new non-traditional health information and monitoring system (i.e. tourism/visitor-based illnesses), new clients/data users (private sector hotels, cruise ships, visitors), and new partners (Ministry of Tourism, tourism authorities, tourism agencies). In this regard, a critical factor for successful implementation and sustainability of the program is global and regional recognition, partnership development and endorsement from internationally public and private health and tourism agencies. The THP, starting with a MOU between CTO and CHTA, is building multisectoral, multiagency partnerships with regional and international health and tourism stakeholders to address travel related public health threats in a rapid and well-coordinated manner. for seamless information flow and response to traveller’s illness across regional and international borders Other key partners to date include CROSQ, VSP, Public Health Agency Canada (PHAC), and Public Health England (PHE) and Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), Association of British Traveler (ABTA).