THiS Hotel Based Surveillance

The Tourism and Health Information System (THiS), which can be accessed at THiS.carpha.org is a real-time web-based application for facilities housing stay over arrivals such as hotels and guesthouses to monitor the health of their visitors and staff. The information serves as an early warning and response system for hotels/guest houses to monitor and rapidly respond public health issues that may occur at their establishment. Guests/staff from participating hotels/guesthouses can report their symptoms to staff and complete a short online questionnaire.

This form of reporting allows hotel management and public health officials to identify events such as outbreaks early before it spreads All information collected is strictly confidential (with data restriction policy) and the data is solely used for identifying public health threats for rapid response.

This novel and innovative real time tourism early warning health information surveillance, monitoring and response syndromic surveillance system for visitors is crucial for strengthening existing core national health surveillance systems of tourism-dependent Caribbean economies to collect real-time data for early alerts and triggering a rapid coordinated response to travel related public health threats, which has the potential of improving the capacity to monitor the health and wellness of locals and visitors. It can also easily inform health service delivery decisions/policies, strengthen national and regional health monitoring efforts, and, all the while strengthening adherence to IHR requirements.

Facilities can register using the application form to have access to THiS.carpha.org. The THiS instructional video (available below), Guidelines for Visitors and Guidelines for Hotel Staff are also available for countries.